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Mala 4th Chakra - Rose Quartz

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This Rose Quartz Mala will help you to work on your Heart Chakra, which nurtures life lessons of love and compassion, self-acceptance and confidence, hope, inspiration, and generosity.

Also known as the Anahata Chakra, this Chakra is the centre for unconditional love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness and tolerance. The Heart is the seat of the Soul.

The purpose of the Anahata includes maintaining the connections and ties to those we love. It is directly connected to the Astral layer of the aura. It is the bridge, or melting pot, between the lower/denser energies of our body Chakras, and the higher/lighter energies of the higher Chakras.

Hate, fear, envy, anger and despair reflect an imbalance of the Heart Chakra. Heart Chakra imbalance may be felt as difficult relationships, living through others, depending on others for your happiness, and a lack of self-discipline.

Materials: Rose Quartz and Silver

Dimensions: 108, 10mm Stones


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