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My Story



I was born in Bogota-Colombia but my family moved to Venezuela when I was little. In Caracas I studied Architecture, worked in my profession and lived there until 2003, when I decided to come to London for 6 months to study English. As you can see, I ended up staying a little bit longer than planned, but that is another story! During most of those years I worked in London as an Architect.

At the end of 2011, after developing Chronic Fatigue, it became obvious to me that I had to start working on my dreams to make them real. I took the leap to redesign my life and reinvent myself. I finally decided to explore those interests that had been waiting for years on the back seat until I had some “free” time.

  • I decided to become a Professional Life Coach to help others to overcome the limitation that I now know, are just mental barriers
  • I qualified as a Yoga teacher, which allows me to have the indispensable dialogue between body, mind, soul and that, what is bigger than us. Yoga has also complemented and inspired my coaching.
  • I trained as a jeweller, which had been my passion for a long time and which allows me to express my creativity and fulfill my love for design.